An Enchantment Of Ravens By Margaret Rogerson

This is a case where the cover is x1000000 more beautiful than what's inside the book. I have been highly anticipating this book since the beginning of the year. I've probably had it preordered since then so I was incredibly excited to read this when it showed up at my doorstep. It began beautifully. We... Continue Reading →

The Golden Sword by Rosie Morgan

This is a fantasy story that is kind of a king arthur retelling and it follows our main character Arthur who is just your average teenage boy, he loves to skateboard, he goes to school. Lives the pretty normal life until one day while heading to a friend's house, some super strange things start happening.... Continue Reading →

Heir to the Sky by Amanda Sun

"I'm the Wick and the Wax, my father always tells me. I must burn for others, even if it means I will burn and crumble for those whose path I light." This story follows a girl name Kali who is the princess of the Kingdom of Ashra, her father being the monarch. Ashra is a... Continue Reading →

Day One by Nate Kenyon

I'm a huge fan of books with slightly psychotic characters and weird endings. So I definitely enjoyed this one! It had my eyeballs glued to the page (like to the point where it was SUPER LATE AND MY EYES WERE BURNING but I couldn't stop reading) and I wanted answers dangit. Aaaall the answers. Likes:... Continue Reading →

Never Never by Brianna R. Shrum

"Good things do not happen to boys who lie." This book was DARK and I mean REALLY DARK. James Hook is a young boy living in London with his mother and father. Though he is young, he has always dreamed of becoming a man. To sail the seas and to smell like the salty ocean... Continue Reading →

Button Hill by Michael Bradford

When I pick up a middle grade book, I expect a lot of adventure and a ton of humor and this book is packed full of that! Button Hill is about a two siblings, Dekker and Riley, who are forced to live with there super creepy and cryptic speaking great aunt Primrose for the summer.... Continue Reading →

The Carriage by Jena Baxter

Siblings don't normally get along, right? Well that's the case for Alexis and Brooke. Except there relationship goes a little more extreme. While annoyingly arguing in the first 5 pages, Alexis and Brooke enter a carriage in the middle of modern day Central Park. Suddenly Brooke gets so angry at her sister that she disappears... Continue Reading →

The Dark by David C. Cassidy

SYNOPSIS: **** NATIONAL IPBA AWARD WINNER IN HORROR **** Once again, award-winning horror master David C. Cassidy takes his readers into a realm of terror, a world unlike any other. With the inspired flair of Clive Barker and the pulse-pounding beat of Stephen King, The Dark is a supernatural thriller that will leave you breathless,... Continue Reading →

Dreamology by Lucy Keating

"I MADE HIM up. At least that's what I always told myself. The combination of all my childhood adoration's, combined into one perfect guy. The trouble is, I was wrong." Alice is a new student at Bennet Academy, having moved from New York. Unfortunately, she hasn't been able to focus lately because of what she... Continue Reading →

Up From the Sea by Leza Lowitz

“At 2:46 on Friday, March 11, 2016, a 9.0-magnitude earthquake struck the Tohoku region of Honshu, Japan. It was the strongest temblor ever to hit that quake-prone country, and the fourth largest in the world. It lasted six minutes. After the quake struck, a massive tsunami followed. Waves reaching up to 133 feet.” 11,106 aftershocks... Continue Reading →

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